What a rollercoaster 2023 turned out to be! From launching our Fortnite studio to creating the ultimate music fan experience on #Roblox with TWICE and Republic Records, and opening the first-ever pure-artist store for Nicki Minaj in Roblox—talk about a whirlwind of achievements! We even built a spectacular palace for BLACKPINK and their BLINKS, with Roblox CEO David Baszucki showcasing TWICE Square live at RDC23!

Our success didn't stop there. We scored #epicpicks with our first Fortnite map featuring Spotify with Fnatic, racked up over 84 million visits across our Roblox experiences, and became one of the top sellers of emotes on the Roblox platform. Kudos to the amazing team at Karta, and a massive shoutout to our invaluable partners and collaborators. Grateful for the journey so far, and here's to the excitement of 2024! 🚀