K-pop girl group TWICE are headed to the online game platform Roblox for the launch of their very own virtual world.

Called TWICE Squarethe new online world takes strong inspiration from the music video of the girl group’s 2018 single ‘Yes Or Yes’. Here, fans will be able to play two mini-games: an escape room called ‘Set Me Free’ – also the title of their upcoming single – and a timed trivia challenge.

The virtual world will also allow fans to trade, collect and buy items inspired by the girl group’s looks. These include plushies, digital clothing and accessories, as well as emotes that are based on TWICE’s various popular dances.

He also said the girl group plan to release new content for TWICE Square throughout the year, alongside virtual visits by the members themselves. “They’re hoping that their fans treat the space as a hangout and an information source for all things TWICE,” he added.

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