TWICE Square Entrance - Roblox

There’s a TWICE Roblox game coming to hype up the next EP from the k-pop girl group, with plenty of ways to style yourself after your favourite member.

K-poppers, rejoice! There’s a TWICE Roblox game out today to hype up the forthcoming EP release from the Korean girl band, inviting you into a world of pitch-perfect pop. TWICE Square is described as the first-ever persistent fan hub on Roblox, with the whole experience dedicated to players’ adoration for the nine-piece outfit.

Thanks to Billboard’s exclusive reveal of TWICE Square, we know that you can leave notes behind for members of the band to read, offering a way for the ONCE – the TWICE fandom, if you don’t know – to contact the much-loved artists. There’s also age-verified voice chat, so all the biggest fans can discuss tracks from the upcoming EP together.

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