Haircare brand Sunsilk is one of the top-ten FMCG brands in the world. Owned by multinational consumer goods company Unilever Group, Sunsilk launched in 1954, has enjoyed a global reach since the 70's and is today available in most countries across the world. Annual sales exceed 1 bn Euros.!


Sunsilk came to Karta looking to develop a Metaverse gaming experience in line with the central pillar of Sunsilk’s brand values: empowering young women.
An estimated 41% of the world's 3.1 billion gamers are female. Despite this, male game characters outnumber female by 4 to 1, and females are often stereotyped into roles like damsel-in-distress or objectified as "rewards" for male players.
How could Sunsilk challenge that narrative?
Karta set out to make Sunsilk’s mission and messages playable, rewarding and fun.


The initial step was to decide on which platform to use. After thorough research, the choice fell on Roblox.The platform's global reach, 45m daily players, 44 % female audience and inclusive, friendly culture made it the perfect choice.
The basic concept is an evergreen open world. A social space that encourages exploration, featuring four inspirational and educational minigames, as well as in-game rewards and virtual goods.
The minigames inspire players to broaden their horizons and challenge traditional gendered life-paths. Sidewalk Superstars encourages players to prioritize education over domestic chores. Toxic phrases typically used to put women down are fought off with a virtual hair dryer in Blow Them Away. The House of Hair minigame features the most advanced hairstyle customisation functions on the Roblox platform yet, and House of Skills educates players on Sunsilk’s 20 free online courses.



After a rigorous pitch process involving several Roblox studios in Karta’s extensive network , Roforco was chosen to make Karta's and Sunsilk’s concept a playable reality.
The five-months development process included extensive QA testing, both to eradicate bugs and to make sure the experience would work well with our target groups by having female gamers on the relevant markets playtest it.
Karta also helped develop the influencer-based launch strategies used, which Sunsilk then executed using their existing influencer network.



Sunsilk City premiered successfully on the Mexican market on june 2nd 2022 and quickly attracted 750k visits in a few weeks after launch and with 89% upvotes the experience is the third highest rated brand experience on Roblox.
Results will be continuously updated as the launch process proceeds, so please check back often for the latest metrics.

The third highest rated brand experience on the Roblox platform.

"Working with Karta on such an exciting project has kept us at the edge of our seats. From educating us at the start to fleshing out the idea in the conception stage, through to addressing every last detail in development, our experience with Karta has been truly enriching and we have learnt a great deal from Karta’s knowledge and dedication."


Purnima Lamba, Global Brand Vice President, Sunsilk


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